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The Marine Center

Post by Fishfood » Thu Jul 21, 2005 3:04 pm

I purchesed an Orange spot Rabbit fish from Aquaworks for $39 i think it was...

According to The Marine Center this is a really rare fish.
Gold Spot Rabbitfish A great litte fish that's seldom available. $595

When you click on their link for this fish it goes to a bad picture and it does say orange spot rabbitfish.

well upon further review I found out that the gold spot and orange spot are different fish. You can not find much info on either of them on line.

16inches for both of them, thats about it.

Anyway I'm just shocked at the price they have for this fish. Anyone want a gold spot rabbitfish for 1/5 the price of what The Marine Center is selling them for?

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