Caribsea reef rock deal

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Caribsea reef rock deal

Post by Neuticle » Thu Jan 15, 2009 8:51 pm

A couple months ago I ordered rock from, just caribsea base rock (Which is what nearly all Florida live rock starts as). Anyhow it's a pretty good deal on rock at 50# for 59.99$, but the awesome part is that they don't charge for heavy shipping, I paid 13.99$ to ship 100# of rock.

If you're not familiar with the rock, it's just fossilized aragonite corals, pure CaCo3, and you don't need to cure it because it contains no organisms, living or dead. Just keep your Ca/alk right and it will look like proper live rock in no time. I'd run GFO too, but that's personal preference. ... D=12517147
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