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Frag Packs for sale

Post by AgeDynasty » Mon Mar 10, 2014 3:26 pm

Hello Everyone, I just found out that i have a little one on the way. I am selling some frag packs to raise money for baby stuff. if you have any questions or want pictures give me a shout or text me at 251-586-3829

SPS Pack $100, I have 3 Available
ORA Chips Acro 1”
ORA Joe the Coral”
Blue Milli 1”
Rainbow Milli 1”
Tyree Pink Lemonade 1”
Blue and Yellow Acro 1”
Random Green Acro 1"

LPS/Chalice Pack $100, I have 2 Available
Tyree Miami Hurricane 2 Eyes
Tyree Bubblegum Monster 1 Eye
Assui Red with Yellow Eye Chalice 4 Eyes
Assui Red with Green Stripe 2 Eyes
Assui Oil Slick Chalice 1 Eye
Dawn of the Dinosaur 2 Eye

Zoas/Pallys Pack $100, I have 3 Available
2x Tyree Space Monster
1x God of War
1x Black Crystal Death
2x Gobstopper
2x Golden Rainbow
5x Pink Explosions

OR Mix and Match 8 on the Bottom for $100 or 4 for $50

ORA Bird of Paradise
ORA Ponape Birdnest
Idaho Grape Monticap
Red with Red Poylps Monticap
Purple Haze Montipora
Blue Milli
Pink/Green Milli
Highlighter Acro
Rainbow Milli
Tyree Pink Lemonade

Tyree Miami Hurricane Chalice
Dawn of the Dinosaur Chalice
Red with Yellow Eye Chalice
Random Favia Frags
Green and Purple Acan

Softies, Zoa's, and Pally
Purple Gorgoina
Red Mushrooms
Pom Pom Xenia
Bullseye Mushroom
Miami Hurricane
Purple Death
Captin America Pally
Blue Hornets
150 Gallon Mixed Reef
75 Gallon Mixed Reef
40 Gallon Frag System

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