frags for sale

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frags for sale

Post by jt3069 » Thu Apr 24, 2014 2:35 pm

I have a few frags for sale .
I don't get on this site much anymore so plz call or text me if interested.

I have 3 frags of radioactive zoas $15 each-5+polyp
I have galaxia frags about 1-2 inch $20 each.
I have one red moti that is plating 2-4 inch. $25.
I have gsp frags. $ varies by size. But on average $5
I have a green leather coral 5-6 inch.$25
I have blue fl ricordia $15
Pink mili $15 per frag
Strawberry shortcake $30 per frag.
And ora red gonipora $30 1 inch frag

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