Paly colonies, fish, 75g tank, books FS must go

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Paly colonies, fish, 75g tank, books FS must go

Post by mikewilder » Tue Dec 16, 2014 6:20 pm


between too much work and too many bills, I've got to break down and sell my tank and animals. I'm hoping to sell corals first, then the fish, then the tank. I've got some high end corals, but unfortunately I've also got some red slime and in a few places, Valonia. None of the corals I'm offering have Valonia, but I want to give you fair warning. I feel like I'm pricing these colonies low enough that even if you dip and then immediately frag and quarantine them, you should still be able to double your money easily. But, all this stuff needs to go, so make an offer if you want something. I live near Robertsdale AL which is halfway between Mobile and Pensacola. I'll meet you in either of those places if you want. My light set up died so I'm using basic fluorescents right now, so that's why most of the pictures aren't blue and awesome: ... 378266697/

tyree orange le rainbows (real deal) 20 polyps 60$
planet zoa insane rainbows 15 polyps 60$
og planet zoa vampires at least 10 pp 50$
cherry corals Poseidon's Fury rainbows 15 polyps $60
Raptors 14 pps $40
woodstock palys at least 20pp $60
candy apple red (a better clone than what I got around here, bright yellow ring when they are happy like bowsers and just generally more vigorous) 10 pp $30
goochers at least 20 pp $25

meteor shower cyphastrea golfball size plus on rock 12$
blue green caulastrea at least 20 pps 20$
neon green Duncan 15 pp 15$
5 palythoa grandis on fist sized live rock 20$
neon green blasto merletti 4 pp 10$
6 polyps green branching hammer 10$

live rock with playing card sized fire and ice acan, 30 or more brown plays, 10$

Male/Female pair of valentini puffer mimic filefish (Paraluterus prionurus) 60$. These guys are totally reef safe, peaceful, and love frozen brine shrimp. Only downside is they try to jump sometimes, I wouldn't put them in an open top tank. They have spawned for me.

chubby female orange spot mandarin, loves frozen brine, never seen her try to jump. 25$

Phosban 150 complete with marineland pump. Just add media 20$
Working 36 inch 4xt5 + 250 watt metal halide Odyssea fixture from my old tank: 25$
75 gallon marineland tank drilled w/ safe overflow, wet dry sump, coralife skimmer, return pump, 3 circulation pumps, stand: 150$ (can't deliver)

Giant Clams by Knop 5$
Aquarium Corals Borneman 10$
The new marine aquarium Paletta 5$
Natural Reef Aquariums Tullock 5$
Corals quick reference Sprung 10$
Reef notes 4 sprung 5$
conscientious marine aquarist fenner 8$
Advanced Marine aquarium techniques Hemdal 8$
aquarium keeping and rescue delfavero 5$
Reef Secrets nilsen and fossa 8$
Giant Clams in the sea and aquarium Fatheree 8$
Dr Burgess' atlas of marine aquarium fish 2nd ed 5$

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Re: Paly colonies, fish, 75g tank, books FS must go

Post by Comatoast » Wed Dec 17, 2014 4:25 pm

Interested in all the palys and Zoas, text me 2283231182

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Re: Paly colonies, fish, 75g tank, books FS must go

Post by Briny One » Sat Dec 27, 2014 6:11 pm

I am interested in some of your books. Which ones do you still have available and where are you located?


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Re: Paly colonies, fish, 75g tank, books FS must go

Post by reefman8471 » Tue Sep 22, 2015 5:01 pm

Do you still have the 75 gallon tank available?

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