Wtb Live sand and swap maxi jet 1200 for 900

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Wtb Live sand and swap maxi jet 1200 for 900

Post by Fishfood » Sat Oct 10, 2015 9:15 am

So after 3 yrs I'm setting up an aquarium again. Going huge with a biocube 14. I'm setting it up over the next two weeks with dry rock and the half a bag of sand I had from my previous aquarium. I'm looking for a small zip lock bag of sand to seed it. Wasn't impressed with b&b or progressive yesterday. Anyone in west mobile with a pest free tank willing to get me even just a small snack size zip lock bag I'd appreciate it. Heck even anyone in daphne as I work over there.

I also want to use a maxi jet 900 on this tank for the return instead of the 1200 for heat issues. I see that these boards are basically dead but once I get this thing completely up and running after Christmas I'll be in the market for named zoanthid and acan frags.

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