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Post by Innerarity Reefs » Fri Jan 07, 2011 10:01 pm

Naso, Yellow, Convict, Vlamingi, Foxface, Spotted Mandarin, Purple Firefish, Picasso Clowns, Engineer Gobys, Lawnmower Blennies, Red Leg hermits, Coral banded shrimp, Tiger Striped turbos, astreas, Nassarius, Black and White clowns, GSMs, Strawberry Pseudochromis, Pink tile starfish, Orange linkias, Umm so more So much Ive lost track.

Not to mention new tanks, used tanks, lots of tanks to turn into sumps, Lots of Rods food, Lots of drygoods, Chemi pure elite, Purigen, Eposy sticks !!! Salt, fiji pink live sand, also the reff grade stuff which is just a little coarser. Brand new RODIs, lots of live rock, bubble anenomes.

850 607 2281 store
850 982 8452 my cell

Mon-Sat 12-6

13118 Sorrento Rd ste C
Pensacola Florida 32507

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