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Post by Innerarity Reefs » Tue Feb 01, 2011 7:42 am

Fish in today !!! Heres whats NEW, Starry Blennies, Melanarus Wrasse, Sixline wrasse, Rainbow wrasse, Mata Tangs, Clown tangs, Orange shoulder tangs, Emerald crabs, coral banded shrimp, Margarita snails, Mexican turbos, Fire shrimp, White Sand stars (ssand sifting stars), Blonde Naso Tang, Metallic Foxface aka magnificent, lavender tangs, blue hippo tangs,still have some lawnmower blennies, Excuisite Fairy wrasse, Mscosker Flasher Wrasse, Black and White clowns, BLue Linkia starfish, lots more, Scopas tangs, Coral Beauties, Flame Angels, white sleeper gobies, green mandarins too, 850 607 2281 (store) 850 982 8452 (cell)

Still have lots of awesome Live rock real cheap, nice shelf rock pieces too

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