Kevin's Crazy Corals new shipment and current stock details

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Kevin's Crazy Corals new shipment and current stock details

Post by KevinsCrazyCorals » Thu Jun 09, 2011 1:42 pm


2x Small wall hammer $40 [SOLD]
1x Medium wall hammer $70
1x Pipe organ $40 [SOLD]
1x Favia $75
1x Rainbow wellsophyllia $75 [SOLD]
1x Green goniopora $30
2x Acan frags (Hulk purple and green) $35
1x Green horn $45
1x Brown digitata $45
1x Candy cane colony (12 heads) $45
1x 3 heads of long stem purple duncans $24 [SOLD]
2x Blasto one blue other red $75
2x Zoanthid colony small $25 - $30
1x Zoanthid colony large $60
1x Orange fungai plate coral $40
1x Green tip fungai plate coral $30
1x Kryptonite bubble $75
30x Ricordea $10/head
1x wall hammer large bicolor $120
1x Fox coral $60
4x Branching blue bubble $75 (Not selling at the moment. Want to make sure they are in good health)
1x Colony of blue paly/zoa $75
1x Blue blasto $75
1x Red blasto $75

3x Blood/Fire shrimp large $27 [SOLD]
2x Cleaner shrimp $20
2x Emerald crabs small $5

Cerith, Nerrite (LARGE), astrea snails at $0.50 a piece!


20x Heads of long stem duncan
1x Blue milliepora
2x War coral
1x Small hammer
1x Small hammer
1x Small hammer
1x Large orange hammer
3x Green/blue goniopora
1x Pink tone blue goniopora
2x Alveopora
1x Acan blue/reddish orange about 70 heads
1x Symphyllia willsoni
1x Yellow elegance
1x Bight green elegance
1x Pink tip elegance
1x Orange monticap
1x Kryptonite Australomussa
4x Fire shrimp
1x Lava monster chalice
1x XL Pipe Organ

I still have some nice rock at $3 a pound!

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