Corals are in!!!!!!!!!!

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Corals are in!!!!!!!!!!

Post by ReefStop » Tue Jun 12, 2012 10:34 am

Hello Everyone,

I recevied a nice looking shipment of corals in today. Some of the Corals are listed below.

Lunar Eclipse Palythoa
Fungia Green (HUGE)
Fungia Orange
Green Symphyllia
Alveopora Green Branch
Green Bubble Coral Tiny
Blue Acro Colony
Yellow Milli Colony
Wellsophyllia Red and Green
Favia Blue and Green
Green and Purple Maze
Some Nice looking Random Zoas

Give me a call 251-586-3829
Reef Stop
1009 Cleveland Rd
Saraland, AL. 36571
Reef Stop
1009 Cleveland Rd,
Sarland, AL. 36571
Call for appointment.

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