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Members Tanks and Bios

Post by SaltnLime » Fri May 09, 2003 4:48 pm

Just wanted to start a thread where we could members could post alittle about themselves and thier tanks. Add as a few have mentioned....the new potential and recently joining members can get to know everyone.

If someone has a question about a specific setup or info that is posted on this thread...they can start another thread in the appropriate forum. That way there are just member tanks and bios in this thread.

Maybe once we grow we can add this as it's own Forum :D
"Well......maybe I did get alittle carried away! "

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Post by Amyjoe » Fri May 09, 2003 5:05 pm

We kinda did this with E-mail but I think your right.. I think we should put something here about our tanks and our experience.. etc. Nothing personal if you don't want it just the facts about your reef or SW tanks or experience with fish as a whole.... Think Reefland has a post with alot of their members and it is really long.
Wonder what it is going to take to get a bigger tank?????

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Post by reeferpuffer » Fri May 09, 2003 10:13 pm

yeah that sounds like a killer idea....

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Post by SaltnLime » Tue May 13, 2003 8:23 pm


Name is Shawn, AKA Salt'n'Lime. I have been keeping fish since I was about 7, so for 23 years or so. I started breeding African Cichlids back in the 80's and have kept them ever since. Got some reef experience years back when working at a LFS and kept a 55 gal FO salt tank and a 10 gallon nano reef with mostly shrooms,anenome and LR. back then.
So I'm a relative newb to the salt game (Though I've jumped in with both feet) :D

Currently I have a 180 gallon African Cichlid freshwater tank that holds a few of my fish I did not sale. A small outdoor pond around 800 gallons or so with koi and of course my recently started 29 gallon reef. :D


I have a 110 gallon reef tank with 55 gallon refuge now. Running 3 250 watt ushio 10k's and 4 uri actinic 03's. Nautilus skimmer, sps with some lps and softies too :)
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"Well......maybe I did get alittle carried away! "

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My Tank and short Bio

Post by Xster » Mon May 19, 2003 8:30 pm

I started reefkeeping in college. Crashed and burned many times, but finally got comfortable with the hobby to have a bigger tank. Just moved to Mississippi Gulf Coast 1.5 years ago, and in the hotel business. Started a 210 Reef tank in hotel lobby. Just bought a home in Biloxi 6 months ago. Before any furnishings at all, dove right into my 280 gallon 72X30X30 in-wall tank project. 4-6 ft vho super actinics, 4-6ft vho actinic whites. 3-400W 10K MH. 40 watt uv. free skimmer from coral connection. Korallin calc reactor. 400lbs of live rock and 4-5' DSB. using a 75 gallon aquarium for a sump. blueline pumps and metal halide ballasts. Icecap vho ballasts. Both tanks are doing great so far. Everyone is welcome to take a look if in Biloxi area.

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Post by harbingerofthefish » Mon May 19, 2003 10:46 pm

okay so....

7 gallon AGA bow front
10+/- lbs LR
playsand baby!!!
32 watt CSL smartlight
walmart HOB
2 mini jet 404s
skimmer...we don't need no stinkin skimmer!
weekly 1 gal WCs terminology. Dropped in some kent tech stuff a couple of times.

I would like to think myself as a low budget responsible reefer ;)
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Post by reeferpuffer » Thu May 29, 2003 10:23 am

well...been in marine aquariums since i was 4...uncle had an aquarium and he use to baby sit me when i was little(last week..j/k)... so went out and bought numerous tanks..ive had a custom 75 cube, 55, 75, 29, 15, 90, and now my 110, but soon to get 300. the tank has 3 250w ushio halides, 440w VHO actinic, kent nautalus skimmer, 5"DSB, 120 lbs of LR, 12 gallon refuge, 55 gallon aquarium as a sump, its a mixed reef,. full of acros, clams, lps and softies, but plan on loosing some lps and got another tank being built for me to put the softies in, and the 110 being a stony tank...

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Post by Scott » Thu May 29, 2003 6:22 pm

Equipment: 100 gallon display, 29 gallon sump, Euro-reef 8-2 skimmer, Mag Drive 12 return pump, Gen X Mak 4 closed loop pump, 220w actinic VHO's, 2 250w 20k XM metal halides, K2R calcium reactor.

Filtration: 2-3 inch sandbed, 100 lbs. liverock.

Vertebrates: gobies (3), pair of true perculas, pair of saddleback clowns, pair of orchid dottybacks, springerii dottyback, regal tang.

Invertebrates: Turbo snails, astrea snails, rabbit snails, serpent starfish, tiger tail sea cucumber (possibly MIA).

LPS:Pink tipped frogspawn, green caulastrea, red centered Favia, red/blue Echinophyllia, pink/green Echinophyllia, teal with pink eyes Echinophyllia, Atlantis Aquatics hot pink Echinophyllia, ST LE brick red Echinophyllia, bright red Echinophyllia.

Softies: Red Sea Xenia sp., green finger leather, green striped mushrooms, purple mushrooms, red mushrooms, blue ricordia, green ricordia, green star polyps, green button polyps, pink centered button polyps.

SPS: orange M. digitata, orange M. capricornis, green M. capricornis, peach(ish) M. capricornis frag, Hydnophora rigida, pink A. millipora, purple tipped staghorn Acropora frag (A. nana?), blue A. granulosa frag, purple stag frag, a few other unknown Acropora frags, a few very small unknown Acropora colonies, Seriotopora hysterix frags, Seriotopora caliendrum frag, Pocillipora frag.

Involved with reefs since 11/2001. Had fish only 30 gallon for about a year before that was a huge disappointment due to incorrect advice from those that are more interested in selling something than actually helping.
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Wanted: to set up a tank again.

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Post by reeferpuffer » Sat May 31, 2003 1:09 am

forgot to put we go...

SPS: 10 fist sized acro colonies, montipora cap, yellow branching porites, birdsnest frag, 1 acro frag, green pipe organ, merulina, blue ridge coral

CLAMS: 1_8" purple maxima clam, 1_5" maxima, 1_2" maxima, 3_4" crosea clams

LPS: frogspawn, open green brain, candy cane, lobaphylia brain, branching bubble, green branching hammer

SOFTIES: cabbage leathers, green sinularia, colt, brown simularia, toadstool, young coral, limnalia coral, carnation, red sea xenia, anthelia (3 diff species)

MUSHROOMS: green hairy, emerald, purple, ricordia

POLYPS: billions of zoos, yellows, large buttons, green star, encrusting gorgonian

FISH: unicorn tang, blue tang, foxface, scopas tang, blue spotted jawfish, blue sided fairy wrasse, black sebae clown, mandarain goby, pink and
blue watchman goby, orange banded goby, domino damsel, 2 green chromis, orange shoulder tang, black sailfin blenny, lawnmower blenny, 6-line wrasse, diadema basslet, buddah cardinal

INVERTS: serpant stars, pink and green cucumber, atlantic cucumber, yellow cucumber, 2 fighting conchs, 4 atlantic ghost conchs, 50 astrea snails, 100 hermits, blood red pistol shrimp, cleaner shrimp, blue linkia starfish, margarita snails

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Post by Brandon » Thu Jun 12, 2003 10:09 pm

Been in fresh water aquariums since I was 13 or so, mostly Cichlids of sorts. Saltwater Fish only for a couple of year, and just started a reef tank very recently. I began with a very small tank to make sure I could keep things healthy and alive. I'm glad I did. A couple of months ago I set up the 125 and am in the process of stocking it. (Lots of rock and little else for now)

125 Gallon Reef
My Reef Creations Skimmer Driven by SEN 900
Return and Circulation is Little Giant 4MDQX-SC
2 x 160 Watt VHO 1-Acitinic 1-White (Adding 2 more Acitinics)
3 x 250 Iwasaki 6500K's
Milwaukee PH meter
Oceanic Model 150 Trickle Filter , Gutted and converted to sump
Approx 180 Pounds of Live Rock (Kaelini, Fiji, Unknown)
3-4" Southdown Sandbed, with some live sand added from Aqua Scapes.

Couple of other small tanks around , a mini-reef, a fresh water community, and a 45-gal fish only.

Dose with ESV Bionic 2-part. Not much Kalk dosing yet, not a lot to use calcium in my tank as of yet.

Soft: Pink Sinularis , Blue Sinularis, Various Zoanthids, Brown/Pink - Organ Pipe Coral , 9 different varieties of mushrooms, and Red Sea Xenia
Cabbage coral, Various Polyps of something similar to colonial

LPS: Brown/Red w/ Green tentacles - Hammer Coral, Frogspawn, Octopus, Torch, Candy Cane, Purple Meat Coral (Lobophyllia of some sort) , Green Closed Brain that is not doing very well, Two diff varieties of green star polyps, Gorgonian (Beginner's mistake)

SPS: Birdsnest Frag (almost deceased), 5 Unknown SPS Frags (I know I know, but I am just a beginner, and I am not sure what they are- they are very small)

Carpenter's Flasher Wrasse, Purple Tang, Yellow-tailed Blue Damsel, BiColor Blennie, Scooter Blennie (MIA), Royal Gramma Basslet, 2 x Regal Tangs, Purple Firefish, 2 True Percula Clows (Juvenile), Mandarin Dragonette (Female), French Angelfish (Juvenile), Arc-Eyed Hawkfish (In prison: the 20 Gallon tank- Banned for swallowing a yellow-tailed damsel whole)

Haddoni Saddleback Carpet Anemone & Porcelain Crab in it, Blood / Flame Shrimp, 5 Camel Shrimp, Skunk Cleaner Shrimp, 2-3 Mexican Turbos, 10 Turbo Snails, 10 Blue Legged Hermits, 1 Cerith Snail
Red Sea Starfish, Brittle Starfish (Couple - unknown number)
Serpent Starfish, 2 Fighting Conches, 2 Emerald Crabs
3-4" Tridacna Maxima, Sand Sifting Cucumber

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Post by cnovak » Sat Sep 20, 2003 9:37 am

Hi everyone, guess i'm the newbie here. Well i started my first SW tank almost 2 months ago. Really looking forward to gaining experience and moving up to some of the bigger tanks that everyone else seems to be lucky enough to enjoy.
29gl w/ HOB skimmer, and Emperor 280(w/o the biowheel)
65lbs of LR and 4 1/2" DSB
65W of 50/50 PC
1 Maroon /gold clown
1 Bandit goby
Finally was able to catch my yellow tail Damsel yesterday. Practically had to destroy my tank to get him, so he's no longer w/us.
Astrea snails and a few red foots
Red scarlet crabs and electric blues
2 Serpent stars and cleaner shrimp.
Feather duster
Kenya tree
Finger leather
Basically a virgin to aquarium keeping, except for FW as a kid. So that means i'm gonna be posting alot of questions! Looking forward to learning and enjoying this new found hobby for years to come.

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Post by snoopdog » Sun Sep 21, 2003 12:56 am

Welcome to the forum !!! Tell us a little about yourself.
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Post by trick0330 » Sun Oct 12, 2003 6:19 pm

hi my name is leslie and i am addicted to the REEF

wait a min.....this sounds like an AA meeting for reefers!!!!!

oh well i am mikes g-friend and he got me hooked...i always liked to look at other peoples tanks but never owned one till mike came along and now WE have a least its not drugs...right? :?

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Post by Fishfood » Tue Dec 02, 2003 3:38 pm

My tank:

55 gal tub 36x18x18 or something like that.

I'm in the process of purchasing 2 250 DE pendants to install in the hood and will be running two Giesemann 250 watt 13k bulbs suplimented by 3 36" VHO. I have a corner overflow with the back of the tank painted black, the overflow made out of black acrylic and black starboard on the bottom of the tank. I'm going Barebottom. I currently have 3 maxijet 1200s and plan to add a 6100 TUNZE stream in the tank. I have a 20gal tank as the sump and a mag 7.5 as the return split by a SCWD. Half of the sump is a fuge which will hold the DSB. I have basically acros, zoos and clams with a few other odds and ends. Since I just killed all my acros in the move I intend to be very selective in what i put in there from now on. I don't have much room and don't want to waste my prime locations on stuff that isn't spectatular. I need to get a calcium reactor as well. I can handle dripping kalk for the time being though. That is my tank.

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Post by finaddict » Wed Dec 03, 2003 7:07 pm

HI! My name is Jeff. I'm the newbie here So I'm not to well known yet, but hope to be soon. I got started a couple of years ago because of my brother. He had an awesome tank that was set up as a reef. Right away I Jumped with both feet and Almost immediatley drowned. Got in a big rush and was trying to do everything the cheap way. After several deceased fish and numerous corals later I slowed down and started doing a lot of reading. Since then have been keeping a 110 gallon cube with several corals and a few fish and a large snowflake eel . 400 watt metal halide and 4 2ft VHO's supply the lighting. Berlin Skimmer with a HOB overflow returned by a mag 9. Don't have much of a DSB because I have seen and heard some scary stories about them. 100 pounds of live rock supply most of my filteration. Everything has been doing well for quite some time and havent done a water change in almost a year. Calcium stays at 450 Alk around 15 nitrates almost none and no phosphates. I have set up numerous tanks and did maintence for most of them. All in All things have been going well and loving every minute of it. Look forward to the hobby for many years.


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