WTT: small green-pinstripe mushroom frag

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WTT: small green-pinstripe mushroom frag

Post by ShagMan »

Thanks to Scott, I have a very healthy colony of green-pinstripe mushrooms, and can spare a couple... I'm looking for something I DON'T have yet; I'll trade for a free-floating frag, I have lots of spare rubble to mount whatever you give me. It'll be 1/2 of this colony (two-three mushrooms):

http://www.shagman.org/hobbies/pets/100 ... 000002.JPG

I already have:

Redsea Xenia
Xenia Oblongata
Green pinstripe mushrooms
blue/purple mushrooms
white riccordia
kanya tree
I had a colt frag, but it was too tiny to mount well, and floated off :(

-Josh Murrah
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