Moving to Baldwin County

Discussion Of Local Group Meetings For the Baldwin County and Mobile Area

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Moving to Baldwin County

Post by wodom86 »

Hello all,
I lived in Baldwin county before joining the Navy, well soon i will be moving home. One of the things i picked up while in the navy is Saltwater Reefing :) great hobby and i love it. I have been using the Google Machine and i cant seem to find many LFS or Reef stores in the area down there. I much rather support local vendors than order of the web so could you guys post a list of localish vendors... you know from mississippi to probably panama city. THanks again in advance and look forward to meeting you guys when i come down.. i currently have a 120gallon Mixed reef tank and a 65 tall Euphyllia Garden
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Re: Moving to Baldwin County

Post by CaptJab »

First of all, welcome back and thank you for your services.
I'll list a few of the stores that I can think of off the top of my head.
Mobile- Progressive Marine, B&B Pets
Mississippi Gulf coast area- Just Fish & Pass Rd Pet Center.
Pensacola- Water World, ReefScapes, PetLand

There are a few more that I just can't think of at the moment.
On a side note there is a lot of selling and trading done among the locals.
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