So, what got YOU into the hobby?

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Re: So, what got YOU into the hobby?

Post by redpheonix »

Well I had always kept reptiles but liked the color of saltwater fish. I didn't like the cleaning aspect of freshwater having to gravel wash all the time. So I decided to try African cichlids and set up a 20 gal. I had the tank less than 30 days and decided that it wasn't what I wanted. So I set up a 30 gal tall (not recommented- no aquascaping and lighting is hard due to shape). Anyways I had the tank for about a year and then took it down because I was going out o the country for awhile. I started a new set up when I got back and decided to try something small just for kicks, I started a skimmerless 2.5 gal reef that had 8w per gal. It did great and corals would grow so fast I started a 29 gal reef and moved corals out of the 2.5 as they got to big. When I moved to my apartment I set up a 55 gal, and ended up with a total of 5 tanks in my apartment (3 in living room, 1 in kitchen, and 1 upstairs). Then I got married and combined everything into one. I now have a 110 long reef, hoping to upgrade soon. My addiction to the hobby gets me on trouble sometimes because te wife says I love the tank more than I live her, but she knows the tank was around before her and that it's not going anywhere. I always say I could be addicted to something worse. Think she just likes giving me hard time.
Have hopes of oneday building a big in house tank (wall). Hopefully I will hav a job that pays me enough to be able too.
110 gal reef
29 gal. pred
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Re: So, what got YOU into the hobby?

Post by 29nanomob »

well i got scammed intoit... a lady was selling a 55gal fish only for 100.00 in fl... the day i load my car down buy a garbage can to move the water and am on my way....
RING RING RING RING she never answered my calls agin. so i went to B&B 2 days of trying later and spent 100.00 on a 10gal micro reef. 3 weeks later it crashed... then i got a 29 started... then i had 2 29's side by side and a 10gal fish only in the bathroom now... i have a 75gal cornerflow turning my other 29 into a sump for the 75. not to forget the second 29 i had now its located in the kitchen fish only for now. only to be sitting about 5ft from the 75gal Turtle tank on what use to be my kitchen table having to make room for the 75 reef in my living room. (The turtles are my wifes needless to say thats why they got bumped from the living room to the dining room..)
reefing just isnt the same living outside the glass....
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Re: So, what got YOU into the hobby?

Post by jt3069 »

i know this is really old but im just throwing this out here

i had just got out (E.A.S.) of the marines and had too much time on my hands (and money) so i took the wife and son (only had one at the time) to b and b.
i left that day with a 10 gallon freshwater setup that i made into a salty. it worked great as a baby sitter because of the nemo movie
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